Some Amazing Features of Solareum You Do Not know About.

Solareum is a cryptocurrency funded by The American Green Solar company. This, therefore, makes this digital currency the first ever one to be financially backed by several major solar companies in the industry. Solareum makes use of Ethereum blockchain technology to perform its functions.

A total of 60,000,000 tokens were sold during the ICO that was released. The solareum ICO offers discounts and rewards on several solar and renewable products bought with the solareum token.

Features of Solareum

There are quite some features that are unique to this solareum cryptocurrency, and they are outlined below.

Solareum is an energy defined cryptocurrency.

Solareum makes energy pay its users rather than allowing it’s users pay for energy by letting it’s users make use of the solareum tokens to pay for energy and solar supplies. When solareum users make use of the tokens to purchase the products, they, therefore, get discounts and rewards. Solareum helps in creating energy that is effective as the aim of Solareum is to make the planet more habitable with the use of energy.

Solareum provides a decentralized platform

Solareum provides a platform that is secured for its users to perform transactions with each other using the Ethereum blockchain that is decentralized. Investors will be able to trade with each other hassle-free by making use of the solareum token.

The value of Solareum is predicted to rise

There are some reasons why the value of Solareum is predicted to rise. Energy is needed by every individual in the world, and with the continuous need for energy especially solar energy, solareum is predicted to rise in value. The solareum token is also limited in supply which is another reason why the value will increase steadily. As long as there is a constant need for energy, solareum will continue to rise in value.

Pool trading opportunity

Solareum accommodates more than 15 top cryptocurrencies in the world. It gives its users the opportunity to trade in the cryptocurrency market that is extremely volatile. Solareum also accommodates quite some credit card companies to ensure ease of use when transacting with solareum.

Funds are safely kept in solarium

The security in the solareum platform is topnotch; there is the availability of two-factor authentication as well as other security measures to ensure that the funds are kept safely.

Solareum provides investment funds

Users of Solareum do not have to stress about finding out the right time to buy or sell cryptocurrency as solareum provides investment funds for its users to invest in.

Solareum coin is available at 70 cents per coin at the moment. Solareum is an innovative cryptocurrency that has the solar energy industry backing it up.

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