Over the years, the traditional money market and cryptocurrency market have been existing/ exist as two completely parallel worlds. Forty seven bank proposes a new hybrid bank to bring the two parties together under one roof, and offer all the services of traditional banking to users of both-current accounts, savings, sales and purchase, investment etc.  Their  mission is to create innovative, flexible and open Application Platform for financial technology developers, who will be able to operate under the roof of Forty Seven Bank, having access to banks infrastructure and customer base. Their products are focused on targeting small and medium scale enterprises. Their will allow quick integration of cryptocurrency payments for offline and online use. The bank will allow developers with small or medium capital to create white label applications which will be able to compete with traditional banks.

Furthermore, with Forty Seven Bank, people living in Europe can easily open and operate multi-current accounts with their different cards tied to the accounts. Thereby making it possible for them to manage their accounts in European banks using a convenient interface of internet bank. FSB platform will also allow her customers to send and receive payments, converts currencies and also exchange cryptocurrencies. In summary, FSB aims to bridge the gap between cryptocurrency market and traditional money market.

What is a Forty Seven Token?

Forty Seven Bank Token (FSBT) is the basis of Forty Seven Bank infrastructure. FSBT tokens will allow partners-developers to upload their fintech applications into Forty Seven Bank App Platform. FSBT will also be demanded by businesses in order to improve the effectiveness of financial and operational activities via smart contracts. For private customers FSBT tokens will avail them the opportunity to try and use products and services offered by Forty seven bank, as well as token holders will be top priority customers of the bank according to loyalty program and will get loyalty rewards on yearly basis based on performance of the bank. After the crowd-funding campaign is finished, FSBT tokens will be available for trade at various cryptocurrency exchanges.

Forty seven bank token holders will also enjoy the following benefits:

  • Opportunity to contribute to the development of crypto-community and help in charity campaigns.
  • Access to the range of the commonly used mobile and online banking products for free.
  • Discounts and special conditions for products and services of forty seven bank.
  • Higher FSBL token cashback multiplier when paying with forty seven bank debit and credit card.  
  • Opportunity to sell their tokens more expensively on the secondary market when their value increases in future.
  • No fee for using multi-assets accounts.

The FSB tokens will be a prerequisite to exploit these important benefits offered by Forty seven bank.  The purchase of FSBT tokens will be done through the system of smart contracts interacting with each other.Accepted cryptocurrencies on ICOare: ETH, BTC, USD and EUR..

The ICO round 1 started   November 16 and ended December 16, 2017. The round 2 started December 17 and will end February 28, 2018. Round 3 will start: March 1 and end March 31, 2018. The actual rate is 1 FSBT = 0.00393 ETH (including current bonus).

Forty seven bank is offering a lifetime opportunity for you to invest and enjoy important benefits.  Invest today!!

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