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Denaro Announces Platform Development To Solve Crypto Liquidity Problem.

Liquidity is one of the largest challenges facing cryptocurrency today. Exchanging cryptocurrencies from one blockchain (or token form) to the next has become as simple as drawing breath. However, the same cannot be said for exchanging cryptocurrencies to fiat currencies. Users often have to subject themselves to a vicious circle of hoops, converting from one cryptocurrency to the other before further subjecting themselves to a bunch of confirmations before finally being able to cash out in fiat. It’s the most substantial obstacle standing between crypto and widespread adoption it just isn’t practical

Denaro addresses this problem through its innovative, multi-cryptocurrency wallet and physical debit card. Denaro allows users to access, store, and spend their cryptocurrencies using a user-friendly web wallet or physical debit card at any online or offline payment terminal. Users will be able to load the card with either BTC, ETH, or Denaro’s native DNO token and use it as part of their daily lives without having to convert from one crypto to the other, as merchants will be able to accept a multitude of crypto payments through payment terminals and customizable API/SCI functions.

Through seamless payment terminals for merchant services, IBAN numbers, and API/SCI, Denaro aims to finally bridge the divide between the crypto community and traditional financial infrastructure by making cryptocurrency consumption as simple as inserting a card or clicking a button.

Denaro also offers personalized debit cards for both merchants and customers with high volume, though merchants seem to be the one getting the better end of the deal they receive a free payment terminal as part of our mission to encourage mass adoption.

Denaro’s smart contract-powered wallet is integral to every interaction in the Denaro ecosystem. The wallet serves as a secure storage and exchange gateway for both cryptocurrencies and fiat currencies, allowing users to deposit, hold, send, and exchange supported cryptocurrencies and fiat currencies through seamless peer-to-peer channels. The platform’s constantly evolving DNO utility token powers all settlements on the Denaro network. The DNO token entitles its holders to a wide range of exclusive advantages, including bonuses, discounts, and premium merchant services on the network.

Denaro will be incentivizing its ecosystem by distributing a portion of its network transaction fees; they will be distributed among existing DNO tokenholders when certain milestones are satisfied.

Website : https://denaro.io

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